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With a variety of game types and opportunities to win big prizes, the lottery has attracted many players to participate every day. Below are some detailed information about popular lottery games at Phtaya.

 Phtay 2D Loto

With the continuous development in the online betting industry with phtaya lottery, you can play 2D lotto to 6D lotto conveniently and securely, with the most competitive reward rates.

Phtay 2D Loto
Phtay 2D Loto

How to play

When using the 2D Lotto play slip, you can choose a set of two numbers from 1 to 31. If you don’t have any numbers in mind, you can also choose Lucky Pick. After marking the numbers you choose, mark the amount you will play for each pair of numbers.

Additionally, you can also play the 2D lottery system by ticking “Rambolito”. The minimum amount for each combination of 2 is 10.00.

If you play through Advanced Draw, you need to mark the next number of short draws you want to play in the DRAW table. You can play the same numbers and patterns for six consecutive draws and pay 10.00 for each draw.

If the 2 number combination you choose matches the 2 winning numbers in exact order, you will receive 4,000.00 for every 10.00 plays. If you chose a combination of 2 winning numbers and chose the game “Rambolito”, you would win 2,000.00 for every 10.00 play.

 Phtay 3D Loto

To play 3D lotto in Phtaya, you can simply choose your lucky numbers and play your way. This game is drawn three times per day, first starting at 2pm, next at 5pm and finally at 9pm. You can choose a number from each column (from 0 to 9) for a total of three digits. Additionally, you can also check the LP (Lucky Pick) box to let the machine choose random numbers for you. If you want, you can also participate in the Rambolito game.

Phtay 3D Loto
Phtay 3D Loto

 Phtay 4D Loto

Players must match all four winning numbers in EXACT order in the official 4D lottery draw for the day of play to win the Grand Prize. The lottery draw is done every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY and is broadcast live on Phtaya.

Phtay 4D Loto
Phtay 4D Loto

How to Buy 4 Digit Tickets

You can choose a four-digit number, indicate it on a play slip, and place the desired bet amount. The minimum bet is 12 pesos for a single 4D combination. If you don’t have a specific number in mind, you can choose the Lucky Play option.

Play 6D Phtaya lottery

The PCSO 6D Game drawings occur three times a week, specifically on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. These drawings are televised and broadcast live at 9 p.m. on NBN 4. Players have the option to create their own six-digit number or choose a lucky pick, in which case a number will be randomly generated.

Phtay 6D Loto
Phtay 6D Loto

Playing through Phtaya lottery has many benefits

Like the official philippine phtaya lottery websites, there are also all types of lotteries. So what are the advantages of Phtaya lottery?

Diverse types of lottery: Phtaya has all the popular lottery types, you won’t have to go far to find an online website to play lottery.

Instant and fast transactions: For this type of lottery, it is real time, so trading and choosing lotto bet numbers is very important. Phtaya always meets this.

Legally safe: Phtaya is completely trustworthy and reputable in the market. The motto of this house is very clear: customers come first, so you don’t need to worry too much about this.

If you are a lover of lottery numbers, choose Phtaya lottery today with our advantages and service quality that you cannot find elsewhere.